Thursday, April 30, 2009

Party In A "Box" Sale

We recently had our son's 3rd birthday party and I am selling the items below as a set for $55 OBO + shipping cost

These four foam robot and rocket banners were hand made. The total length of each banner is 70" and each square is 6"x4.25"

This hand painted gallery wrapped canvas is 24"X20"

These are place mats that I purchased and attached handmade iron on appliques. I used the plain place mats as decoration on the food tables and the ones with appliques were taped on the windows outside using double sided tape
(here is a close up of one of the place mats)

These are leftover napkins. There is a new package of 25 and 54 that are not in a package but are crisp and brand new

there are 14 blue lunch plates, 18 yellow cake plates and 22 orange forks

(close up of the forks)

this is a felt party hat that my son wore while he ate cake, no cake o icing on the hat ; )

2 green balloon weights

this is 2 yards of cotton fabric that I used as a table cloth

robot candy making mold (candy not included, only used as example)

robot candy making mold (candy not included, only used as example)

new package of 50 lollipop sticks and 4 candy making bottles

You can email me at with questions and purchase offers

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